Gambit is a developing game system that will initially host Something Happened game world.

Something Happened

No one knows what happened to the world. The population was reduced to small numbers. Pockets of stunted civilization meagerly live one day to the next. The ground itself fights against human survival. Food and water are scarce and is fought over. Relics of the past can be found hidden away in abandoned metropolises or buried under the timbers of a hidden, collapsed home. Robbers and killers wander the landscape, taking what they want and satisfying their desires. Something happened. The world fell apart and now we are living within its grave. It matters not.

Tomorrow is today.

Behind the World

Something Happened is a mix of genres. You have the atmosphere of the Wild West within the desperation of post-apocalypse ruins. Within the shadows lurk foul creatures that would only be found within horror movies. There are even moments when fantastical creatures sometimes weave their myth with reality and step out of legend. Technology is stunted and lost but strange contraptions and science is bulging in the background, trying to assert itself in the likes of Tesla coils and other oddities. The players find themselves Gifted with a strange power giving them an edge in the race for survival.

The Gambit